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December 6, 2015

Iowa Rural Power advocates connected with presidential candidate and Republican front-runner Donald Trump at events in Spencer and Davenport, Iowa, over the weekend. In Spencer, advocates were able to meet briefly with Mr. Trump at an event where the crowd was estimated at over 1,200. In Davenport, Iowa Rural Power advocates came prepared to talk about safe, reliable and affordable electricity. They listened to Trump's remarks from front row seats and participated in the event. After his speech, Trump connected with advocates, shook hands and exchanged comments in addition to taking photos.

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December 4, 2015

New Jersey Governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie joined the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives’ annual meeting on December 5th to share an update on his campaign and discuss his ideas for ensuring affordable and reliable energy for all Americans.  In addition to remarks about energy Christie focused much of his speech on national security and the skills that our next president must possess to fight terrorism. 

“We’re excited to welcome Governor Christie to our annual meeting and provide him with an audience that’s eager to hear more about his vision for the country, especially as it relates to ensuring an adequate supply of safe, reliable, and affordable power for all Americans,” said Tim Coonan, director of government relations for the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives. “Our member-consumers and cooperatives across the state look forward to continuing this conversation with Gov. Christie and the rest of the 2016 candidates in the coming months.”

The Iowa Rural Power project continues to engage presidential candidates in a conversation across the state, at both republican and democratic events, about the need to meet our nation’s long-term electricity demands. 

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October 27, 2015

JJ dinner success for Iowa Rural Power “What can Iowa Youth Tour advocates accomplish in an afternoon? A LOT!” Meet all three Democratic presidential candidates (Clinton, Sanders and O’Malley) Get a selfie with all three Democratic presidential candidates Get a selfie with former President Bill Clinton Attend a rally for...
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October 9, 2015

Local cooperatives host presidential candidate town halls

Putting the cooperative principles of education, training and information and concern for community into practice, led two Iowa electric cooperatives, Raccoon Valley Electric Cooperative (RVEC) and Nishnabotna Valley Rural Electric Cooperative to host presidential candidate town hall meetings in September and October. Over 100 employees, board members, community leaders and member-consumers attended town halls featuring Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in Glidden and Harlan, Iowa. Jim Bagley, CEO of RVEC, said he hosted the event because he believes that it is important to talk about rural issues. Electric cooperatives do not endorse any candidates but do serve as a host for events in order to raise awareness and educate their member-consumers and employees about policy issues related to electricity. John Euchner, General Manager, Nishnabotna Valley REC, asked Jindal to specifically address his plans for “safe, reliable and affordable electricity.”  Jindal responded that he supports “an all-of-the-above energy strategy” that would ensure “safe, reliable and affordable energy.” Jindal further stated that we should “harness it all” including clean coal and solar.  Electric cooperatives across the state are asking all the presidential candidates about their energy policies and are available to host similar events for other candidates that encourage community involvement and discussion about these important issues. 

You can read more about the Jindal town hall hosted by Nishnabotna Valley REC in this article published by The Des Moines Register.

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September 1, 2015

"Agriculture will always be the cornerstone of our economy"

Clinton unveils rural America initiatives in Iowa and picks up Vilsack endorsement

This past week, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton chose Iowa to unveil her "agenda for rural America" against a backdrop of the flag of the State of Iowa and a John Deere tractor. At the same event, United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack introduced Clinton and gave her a strong endorsement. Clinton said she wanted her proposal to "emphasize the changing face of rural America." The four main pillars of her proposal are energy, investment, agriculture and healthcare/education. On energy, she said she wants to "capitalize on our strength as producers of clean, renewable energy" and that her earlier proposals on solar panels and renewable energy would form the backbone of her comprehensive agriculture proposals. Clinton is convinced that renewable energy initiatives "will create jobs." She called on Iowa to lead the way because "if Iowa can do it, so can anyone." She made strong statements of support for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), an important policy position to many people in Iowa. Clinton wrapped up her speech by saying that "agriculture will always be the cornerstone of our economy."

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August 12, 2015

Mari Miller, Western Iowa Power Cooperative (WIPCO), visited with Rick Santorum at Miller’s Kitchen in Onawa. They discussed his plans for keeping electricity reliable and affordable. Santorum shared his personal story that his grandfather was an Italian immigrant who worked in a Pennsylvania coal mine. Santorum is familiar with IA Rural Power and our efforts on behalf of member-consumers. During the 2011 Iowa Republican Party Reagan Dinner, on national television, Santorum highlighted electric cooperatives efforts saying “I’ve learned a lot in the process of interacting with your members about issues you are concerned about.”

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July 16, 2015

Prairie Energy Cooperative employees Belva German and Becky Bradburn connected with presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson in Hampton this week and asked him, on behalf of their member-consumers, about his plan for reliable and affordable electricity. Dr. Carson stated that we have clean coal technology and we should be utilizing it. Carson also said that the EPA is overstepping its authority.

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